You have decided to set out for a journey to arrive on a new, uncharted continent full of abundance in some fields of your life. And I can grant you a supersonic private jet fleet you have never seen before.

I have always been interested in flying and I truly believe this is still one of the greatest achievements of human history. Today it is no longer the privilege of a few: it has become available for almost anyone, just like all the knowledge you can gain and manage. It hasn’t always been so: 100 years ago, we had to travel for weeks to get from one continent to another, and now we can get to the furthest part of the globe in just one day. Having access to a certain book or any kind of knowledge takes no more than a few clicks. Today problems come from having too much information rather than having too few accessible sources. This has given me difficulties just like many other people. People don’t know where to start and how to do it, and this often results in getting lost in another direction that makes it harder to reach the goal. It is like getting from NYC to LA through London. London is a great city, but that would be another trip another day.

I help you choose the specific area of your life you want to improve and I’ll take you there in a minute!

From harbor to harbor, oasis to oasis, airport to airport and in the meantime jungle battles. According to my experiences the everyday tasks in our world resemble jungle battles rather than friendly encounters. The world is a rough place to be where people do almost anything to get what they want without knowing the boundaries. This manifests most notably in the concept of money. In order to sign the most advantageous contract, get the desired job, get certain discounts or privileges etc. you have to negotiate in a battle jungle full of wild animals that are hard to make an agreement with. Our civilized world looks civilized only from the outside, in reality it is a jungle full of wild animals beautifully embellished. In this jungle, you need to build protected harbors, oasis and airports on your own with the help of your habits and routines where you can get charged to have enough energy to cope in the jungle. These habits and routines have to make up the solid ground of your life that can serve you with the necessary amount of energy all the time. When I’m saying habits and routines I mean e.g. repeating those positive affirmations and mantras that strengthen your awareness, your mind so that you don’t lose track.

My previous working life was about fighting those battles in the jungle, to reach through it and at the same time make progress and improve as well. It isn’t easy to stay alive balancing in between these two, though.

Creating a new habit is a rather complex and difficult task, seems sometimes impossible. I have been through this several times. That is why I made it simple and put it in a form available and adaptable for anybody who wants to change and improve a certain area in his life.

The scope of my team is to help you reach your goal by providing you a new, user-friendly system serving your goal in the best possible way. We help you keep on improving your system to maintain the acquired success. To achieve this, I will be by your side and give you the necessary motivation to help you find your inner inspiration.