Napoleon Hill believes that self-suggestion is the third step towards wealth.

Thoughts can be negative or positive, but without self-suggestion, they’ll not get into the subconscious.

Except thoughts from the ether. This means that the conscious mind stops the information perceived by our five senses and sends them to the subconscious mind or eliminates them by simply ignoring. The conscious mind works as a guard, stands in front of the unconscious. Self-suggestion is a conduit between your conscious and subconscious. The conscious is responsible for thinking, whereas the subconscious drives our actions.

Human beings are able to control all information perceived by the five senses and know what to send to the subconscious. But it’s one thing knowing what you need and another to act.

That’s why so many people live in poverty all their lives, without reaching any of their goals. Of course, this should all start with a change, but you can substitute change with anything. I consider change to be the most important one, because if you can change, you can do anything, because in my opinion the ability to change is equal to accept new things. What’s new is always good because it is a fresh energy that moves you.

In most people’s lives changes are not easy, and a particularly difficult topic. It’s not easy for me either, and I wouldn’t change by instinct. At the same time, I know I have to do it even if it is against all my noses. Progress is unstoppable, so if someone does not change, sooner or later he will slow down and never get to the top.

As a first step, I write down that I know I have to change. I make a list of things I know I need to change. By doing this I admit and declare I need to change, which is the first step to do that. If there is no admission, there is no change. I have a “list of changes” which is a material help. I check it each morning with my written goals.

Both go hand in hand, because change is essential to achieve the most, really serious and important goals. One of the main advantages of a daily overview is that I get my mind to help me with ideas that will make the change I want, and it leads me to the desired results as quickly as possible. In addition to the things that need to be changed, I can see my daily tasks, and I can also predict what kind of specific situations will occur where I have the opportunity to act differently than I used to.
So yes… Change usually means changing a habit or routine. From this point of view, it’s a cut off more than one can chew … but it can be cut off and I can plant another. 🙂

I need to keep order only in my house.

Eckhart Tolle has written a great book about change, entitled: The world can only change from within. That’s exactly what this is all about. If I do this and move it to the level of an individual, I only need to work on myself. No one has ever changed sincerely and permanently because of other people. Let’s not mix this with the situation if someone asks for advice, mentoring or coaching. Even in such situations, a “professional” or an individual is involved because he/she is the catalyst for change, but the change is actually done by the individual. Change in these cases must actually come from within, otherwise it will not be permanent.

Look around in your life to see which areas need a change. Money? Family? Work? Health? Friends? It can be anything. Write them on a paper, and by doing that, you’ve already taken the first and biggest step and faced what you have not dared before. Be the change yourself!

Please send me an email about how I can help you. In which part of your life do you really feel the need for a change?

We’ll meet next week, and until then… have an inspiring day!