I inspire myself. Or do I rather motivate myself? Others can motivate me and I can inspire myself, so I’m inspiring myself. In everyday use these terms coexist of course: I motivate myself, I motivate others and others can inspire me, too. Surprisingly the expression ’I inspire myself’ comes up pretty rarely, though it is most correct. Of course, the modern language use allows some variations. The language use influences the thinking and thereby affects the mind. But let’s just get to the point!

I have been engaged with self-development for more than 20 years by now, since the mid 90’s. Back then it was hard to get access to the internet – there was just a simplified modem tool for home use – so it was even harder to get access to a lot of valuable information. We used to have books and tapes, even CDs were rare.

I have decided to get engaged with this field because I knew I needed to improve my knowledge whatever I would do later on. So, at the age of 15, 16 I started to read books on self-development and business-related materials – around a thousand books. Years passed and I saw that reading was fun but somehow, I should integrate the valuable materials into my life and live it that way…later on I’ll get back to this.

My first real experience came when I (at the age of 18-19) was working for a tv service provider company as a salesperson. Back then I met a businessman and he let me join his network because I won his trust: I could easily adapt the knowledge from the books to the conversation we carried out. I might have seemed an inexperienced boy in the beginning but soon we were on the same page, we could talk about so many issues. I have come across these kinds of situations several times later on, when people thought I was immature because of my age. I was inexperienced, but I knew exactly what I wanted. Gaining more and more knowledge, I made progress and the gap between my goals and reality got smaller. And I built this bridge from the knowledge that the books gave me. Of course, the practical experience is absolutely necessary, too, so I tried several things in my 20’s. For 7 years I organized ski tours to several countries in the Alps and city tours to places like Amsterdam, Prague or Krakow. In my new business, I traded with cell phones. After having read the book Amazon.com by Jeff Bezos it was suddenly clear to me that I should work with the internet. I didn’t know exactly what, but I surely saw the potential in it. What did I need to achieve that? Improve my knowledge and skills to know what I could get out of it. As a result I directed 80% of my attention and potential of my ongoing businesses to the field of the internet.

But no matter how much I enjoyed reading, I had the feeling that I could only put some small part of the read materials into practice. I took it as a feedback that I could improve something more. I should integrate the knowledge I read in the past 10 years even more effectively. All I read and learned must be worth something! One of the by-products of reading for me is that I get the best impressions, ideas and solutions to my tasks. So, I wanted to fill all that knowledge into my mind with the help of a funnel, but i didn’t really find a comprehensive solution to this problem.

I did the mind control training by Silva at the age of 15. Since then I have repeated the basic course and the advanced course several times. Among many other techniques I learned how to tune the mind with positive affirmations in the desired direction. Some techniques call the affirmations mantras. Briefly, this is a scientifically proven technique saying that our brain has a reaction to everything we show it. If it is positive, the reaction will be positive, if negative, it takes a negative turn. Let’s suppose we show the brain something positive, but what form should we use so that it is really effective? We need to take 3 things into consideration:


1. It should be a present tense statement.

2. It should be a positive statement

3. It should be a first person singular statement.


If the affirmation meets these criteria, it works!

I started to write such affirmations in all fields of my life where I wanted to improve.  I used several hundred affirmations I kept printed in my purse in my pocket. Every week I printed the latest version and I read them through 3-5 times a day.  

It was a stunning experience.

In short, every time I read something and found the relevance to my goals, I immediately started to work with it: I didn’t make notes out of it but turned the pure essence I read into first person singular, present tense, positive affirmations.

This is the short outline of the story how my method was born, now available for you. It took me 10 years to work on the method, test it and improve it to finally share it with you. This is the core of my success. This inspires me on a daily basis!

How do you inspire yourself? Please think it over, it is the key to your future!

If you have any questions, feel free to write me a mail or you can just leave a comment. The easiest way is to reply to this mail/article/podcast and briefly tell me your thoughts, questions, comments! I will be grateful for your comments!

See you next week, have an inspiring week!